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 Welcome to the


ABC4All Portal4Relief!



Start Page: CLICK! for

Implementing the

ABC4All Legacy


Theme song based on the 75-word description of A Better Community For All.

Basic question: 

What would help YOUR community become better for all?

Once the process of addressing this question is initiated, it is possible to begin to approximate answer(s)!


CLICK! for THE WORLD WE WANT {Theme song for Global Peace:} by 

ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe! 

Intro- Hey you wonderful Ambassadors for Peace Making {APM}

Hate to trade with war, and so it is for love to trade Peace

ABC4All says Jamboree, with Global Peace, is the world we want...Yeah...

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A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

Achieving Health Heights via ZEAL from Zurvita,

an ABC4All WorldSolutionTM

310-712-5477 * abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net * Skype abc4allteam

Can 61 seconds change the world for the better? CLICK! YOU Decide!

What is needed now is action related to saving lives, the focus of ABC4All.  If/when you have info related to saving lives, please share.

The  priorities are clear, having been in development awaiting this capability and point in time since this effort was started in mid 1980s with formal organization of ABC4All launched over 20 years ago (2/1998) and the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project launched 1/2006.

People who are sick and dying do not know it but they are waiting on us for REAL RELIEF.  It is called, Mandated Action for What The World Needs Now.  If you had or knew of a child who was sick and/or dying and there was help available, it is obvious what action would be taken if there is caring for the child.  ABC4All is the equivalent of a parent caring for such a child and represents the equivalent of what supporters of ABC4All are doing.  If we care, we need to save the child. 

On a global scale the sick and dying are NO LONGER BEING IGNORED.  The question is how we expedite what is needed in 243 countries.  Those who support ABC4All will be taking on a personal duty and a social responsibility, and it is clear that anyone in the world can now lend support to facilitate what is needed

This is "The Cry of the World" that Ben Mackenzie referenced in his original song, "Lend a Hand," created for ABC4AllVIDEO:  ABC4All is answering the cry of the world.  Thank you for your support.



Achieve More. 

Spend Less.TM 

A Better Community for All (ABC4All) is here!

Theme Song courtesy Vocalists Kamron Hack, Mick Donahue and BEYOND CATEGORY Band

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